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What is a Nutritionist?

A Unique Philosophy

What is a Nutritionist?

A Nutritionist helps you take a proactive approach to your current and future health. They know that each individual is unique, and what might work for one person will not work for everyone. Your body naturally wants to get better, and we help you learn to listen to your body.

A nutritionist takes a natural approach to your health. They will evaluate your complete health history, lifestyle and emotional state to assess and uncovered nutritional imbalances. From this information they will develop a nutritional and lifestyle plan that is right for you. This might include dietary changes, lifestyle recommendations, or supplement suggestions to help restore optimal health.

Is a Nutritionist Covered by OHIP or extended medical benefits?

Nutritionists are not covered by OHIP.

However, depending on your extended medical coverage provider Nutritionists can be covered by them. You will have to call your provider to confirm your coverage.  


It can be overwhelming picking the right Practitioner for yourself, as the nutrition industry isn't as regulated as other health care professions. It is scary to think that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, so it is imperative that you check their credentials to make sure you are in good hands.

What Are We?

We are a Nutrition Company. Johanne  Douma is a a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP), and graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and achieving a Diploma in Natural Nutrition.

She takes ever opportunity possible to extend her knowledge in nutrition and how it can benefit her clients. Whenever the opportunity presents she attend professional teleconferences, webinars, classes, reads medical journals/studies and presentations to make sure that she has the most up to date knowledge. 

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