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Health Services

Weight Loss Counseling

Dieting is rigid and frequently challenging. Maybe you’ve already tried several. Losing weight is never a black and white issue. If you are struggling, it could be because of many factors such as hormones, gut health, blood sugar, etc.

  The Wellness Equation is committed to coming alongside you to carefully evaluate and create a personalized plan to jumpstart your healthy habits without the fad diet drawbacks! With bite-size strategies, your obstacles in the way of your weight goals will disappear and give you the courage to push past them!

On the Scales

Gut Health Relief

Imagine you are out for dinner and drinks with friends, your fabulous and delicious-looking meal comes, and you’re ready to dig in! Halfway through, you feel that oh-so-common gut reaction and quickly excuse yourself to the toilet. The pain, embarrassment, and excess bloating that comes after almost every meal strike again!

Sound familiar? This scenario is not normal, but maybe you’ve got to the point that it’s the way things will always be. But it doesn’t have to!

The Wellness Equation takes a deep dive into your history, symptoms, and any previous diagnoses to evaluate your gut health so you can get back to enjoying the simple things in life!

Green Goodness

Food Allergy Management

Your food allergies are as distinct as your DNA. While one protocol works for one person, it may not work for you. There is hope!  The Wellness Equation creates a food allergy management plan catered to your individual needs. Our longstanding knowledge and dedication to this field will get you on track to take control of your life and sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

Bowl of Grains

Corporate or Group Workshops

Are you a gym or company looking to practice the healthy lifestyle you preach? Get all the expert nutrition knowledge you need for your workplace with our integrated workshops, classes, or seminars. No matter the size of your group, you’ll gain the nutrition experience and skills necessary to keep morale high and customers building trust with your brand!  

Giving a Presentation

More Services

Not seeing what you’re looking for?

In addition to the above services, The Wellness Equation is here to help you with any nutrition or wellness services you need.

  • Specialized Health Testing

  • One-on-One Meal Prep

  • Custom Menu Plans


Reach out and become the healthier you!

Chicken and Vegetable Salad

Naturally, you have questions and concerns about your health. Book your FREE Discovery Call, and your expert nutritionist will guide you to the service best suited to your needs!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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