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Why Can't I lose Weight???

Updated: May 16, 2021

Have you tried all the diets, all the supplements, exercise all the time and still cannot lose weight? You're not alone! It is very common. Weight loss isn't just as simple as eating less calories. Calories can contribute to weight gain and the inability to lose the weight but isn't necessarily the only reason why.

Keep reading below for some of the reasons why you may be holding on to the extra weight.

1. Calories -

The average man needs about 2500 calories a day. The average woman needs 2000 calories a day. If you constantly consume excess calories in a day without burning them off, you will gain weight. If you consume too little calories in a day, you will also gain weight as your body will hold onto the fat as your body will put itself into starvation mode.

2. Skipping Meals -

Skipping meals can cause your metabolism to slow down, and prevent you from losing the weight or actually make you gain weight.

3. Drinking Our Calories -

I we are all guilty of this one at some point. We might pay attention to the food we eat, but not always remember that the drinks that we are consuming have added calories and fat too. The best thing for you is to drink 80-90 percent water and herbal tea for the remainder.

So I was making this delicious smoothie containing:

2 Can Coconut Milk - 260 calories

1/2 Cup Avocado - 150 calories

2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds - 180 calories

2 Tbsp (Heaping Tbsp's I should add - so more like 4 tbsp) Almond Butter 420 calories

1 Cup Almond Milk 60 calories

Scoop Protein Powder - 110 calories

Handful of Spinach - 20 calories

2 Cups Wild Blueberries - 120 calories

Although amazing for you with powerful health foods, it came to a total of 1, 320 calories. Almost my daily recommended calorie intake!

Calories in other popular drinks according to webmd -

12 oz Soda - 124-189 calories

12 oz Diet Soda - 0-7 calories

12 oz Bottled Sweet Tea - calories

12 oz - Unsweetened Orange Juice - 157-168 calories

12 oz Unsweetened Apple Juice - 169-175 calories

12 oz Whole Milk - 220 calories

12 oz Soy Milk - 147-191

12 oz Coffee with Cream 39-43 calories

12 oz Sports Drink - 94 calories

12 oz energy drink - 105-112

12 oz Beer - 155 calories

5 oz Wine - 122-125 calories

As you can see, it is very easy to add extra calories to your diet with what you drink.

4. Non-Foods -

This one is very important, and one you probably won't like to hear.

"Non Foods" as I call them are foods that contain no to minimal nutrients. These are: Processed and Refined Foods, Sugars, White Bread, Coffee, Alcohol, Baked Goods. I call them non foods because, although they resemble food, they don't have a great nutrient profile.

So you are using valuable nutrients and energy resources to digest these foods, but when they break down in your body they aren't releasing more nutrients back into your body to replace them creating a nutrient deficient or void in your body.

Your body is smart and always gets what it needs. It makes you crave more food, to replace these nutrients, which leads to craving and over eating.

The best thing is to avoid these non foods completely and add a whole food supplement to help replenish those nutrients lost over the years.

3. Hormones -

If you have a hormonal imbalance (PMS, Menopause, Peri Menopause, Endometriosis, PCOS, etc.) it could hinder your weight loss.

Hormones can increase insulin resistance, which can cause imbalances in your blood sugar.

Hormones can trigger inflammation.

One form of estrogen, called estradiol, decreases at menopause (and can be imbalanced at other points in your life). This hormone helps to regulate metabolism and body weight. Lower levels of estradiol may lead to weight gain.

4. Not Controlling Your Blood Sugar -

It is very important to control your blood sugar. When you do not control your blood sugar the extra blood glucose tells your pancreas to make more insulin.

The more insulin you produce, the easier it is to gain weight. Insulin encourages your body to store the extra sugar as fat.

By balancing your blood sugar and not experiencing those spikes, you will have a steady stream of energy and fuel for your body.

If you're looking for a great meal replacement/protein that is low glycemic, e-mail me at and I will give you more information.

5. Food Intolerance -

I believe most people have one or more food intolerances (generally more). With modern day food processing, and all the chemicals and additives that are put into our food supply, our digestive systems are taking a harder hit than normal.

So over the years we have the 'shut up and take it' response. Have you ever noticed that babies will eat something and then just throw it up? ...or it comes out the other end pretty fast. We condition our bodies to shut up and take it. We gradually introduce / re-introduce these foods into our bodies and then our bodies will adapt to taking the food and not being sick because of it. Your body has built in food mechanisms to protect itself, and it is easier on it to adapt to these foods that you eat then to constantly be throwing up or running to the bathroom.

Sometimes we do not even realize we are intolerant to the food until we remove it from our diets. Did you know that approximately 70 percent of the population is intolerant to dairy?

There are two ways of finding out your food sensitivities (please note that food sensitivities are not the same as food allergies - food sensitivities are a different and delayed response from the body which could take up to a week to present itself in the body).

Food Elimination Diet - Removing the common allergens from your diet. Benefits - Cheaper. Cons - As it can take up to a week to have a reaction to a Food Sensitivity, it can be hard to detect.

IgG Food Sensitivity Report - A small finger prick, and the blood is sent to an accredited lab to test the blood for 220 potential anti-gens.

Benefits - Quick and Easily test approximately 220 antigens. Cons - More expensive.

6. Inflammation -

Even if you are a super disciplined eater and exerciser, you can have trouble losing weight when inflammation is present. Inflammation can show up as anything from auto immune diseases, eczema, bloating, acne, etc...

So this is the chicken and the egg story... what comes first? More weight = higher inflammation Higher inflammation = more difficultly losing weight Inflammation in the body can lead to insulin resistance. Inflammation hinders the way insulin works leading to higher blood glucose levels, leading to insulin resistance, which then leads to more weight gain. Leptin, a hormone we produce to tell us when we are hungry, is also inhibited. The levels tend to be low when inflammation is present, which triggers the "I'm hungry" feeling and the "slow down metabolism" thing. We need to lower the inflammation in our body to lose weight. Although starting with anti-inflammatory foods is the perfect place to start, there could be underlying causes making you inflamed. 7. Sleep - Repeatedly getting inadequate sleep can cause weight gain and over eating. When you are tired you tend to produce more ghrelin, which is your hunger hormone, and less leptin, which is your satiety/fullness hormone. 8. Not Planning Your Meals / Not Meal Prepping - I think we are all guilty of this one - we've all done it. You skip some meals and all of a sudden you are starving! What do you do? A. Grab some cookies from the cupboard B. Wash and cut lettuce, and vegetables for a salad? Most people I assume will choose A. They are starving and want food so they are going to grab the quickest/easiest thing they can. This is part of the reason we fail to eat healthy. We need to plan and have some healthy things on hand to prevent this from happening. 9. Lack of Exercise - If you are exercising while you are trying to lose weight, you could be gaining, or maintaining your weight. Muscle weighs more than fat. So make sure you pay attention to how your clothes fit and maybe even take body measurements to see your progress.

Not exercising doesn't help when you're trying to lose weight. First, exercise burns more calories and fat. The more calories and fat you burn, the faster you lose weight. (Please note that if you are exercising a lot you need to increase what you eat in a day to compensate). Exercise is better for overall health, and focuses more on fat loss than weight loss.

Exercise increases muscle mass which is more metabolically active than fat. Inactive adults lose 3-8 percent of their muscle mass per decade so it is important to do both cardio and weight training to compensate for this.

When you exercise make sure you are filling your diet with nutrient dense food, some people might notice a spike in appetite when they exercise so you want to make sure you are adding the healthy alternatives instead of the unhealthy ones that will add to weight gain. 10. Not Having Support - Sometimes you need that extra support to help you reach your goal! If you aren't getting that support and guidance from home, I am here for you! Please book a free 15 minute consultation to learn how I can help you, or book an initial consultation if you feel ready to get started reaching your goal! Click here to book a free 15 minute consultation. Click here to book a initial consultation. 11. Malnourishment - This is not necessarily what you think. Yes, it is malnourishment and not eating the right foods, and not getting the right or enough of the nutrients needed for your body. This could also be eating very healthy, and getting the right nutrition but your digestion has been compromised along the way through inflammation, candida, SIBO, etc. and your body isn't absorbing the nutrients the way it should. So even though you think you are doing everything right, if you are not absorbing the nutrients you could be malnourished. We can help get your gut on the right track. 12. Supplements - It is very hard to get all the right nutrients in our diets. Our food is not as nutrient dense as it once was. Due to modern farming techniques, the crops aren't rotated, generally speaking, a corn field is always a corn field etc. So the crops are constantly pulling the same nutrients out of the soil so as time progresses the crops generally become nutrient deficient. Also, farmers are constantly putting herbicides and pesticides on the crops that affect our health. Through technology crops are coming from further away and are ripening on the trucks and trains. The fresher the crop, the more nutrients it has, and the longer it sits, the more nutrients it loses. I always use a whole food supplement in my practice to help fill in the gaps with bioavailable nutrients (your body recognizes real food versus synthetic supplements). Now this is not a weight loss supplement, it is just whole foods in a capsule giving you some good nutrition. If you would like to learn more click here! 13. Yo-Yo Dieting There isn't a diet on the market that I would recommend other than eating whole nutrient dense food (unless you need a specific eating plan to help fix some issues prior). Yo-yo dieting can work short term, but it is hard to maintain. It confuses your body and metabolism based on which diet you choose. 14. Weight Loss Supplements - Let's just say no to this category - Do Not Use Them!

There isn't a weight loss supplement on the market that I would recommend. These do more--way more--harm than good to your body. A lot of them contain high levels of caffeine and other harmful substances to speed up your metabolism or burn fat. This can work short term but there are two problems with them. A. As soon as you stop taking them you will gain the weight back. B. Causes other health issues such as adrenal fatigue, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, eating disorders, unhealthy relationship with food, etc. I have seen so many issues come through my practice from weight loss pills--just don't do it! Why do you think you're not losing weight?

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