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The Challenge .... Week Two

Week one was successful! However there are a few things that I will be changing this week. That is the wonderful thing about menu planning as it is custom to you and your family. People say I eat weird all the time, so what is right for my family might not work in your lifestyle. That is why The Wellness Equation provides menu planning that either focuses on healthy meals or one that is custom for you. We take all the work out of menu planning.

Last week we we ended up eating out twice which is rare for us. On Friday I was preheating the oven to make my Cauliflower Pizza and all of a sudden I heard a sound and a little spark came out of it and the whole thing turned off. So at this point it was almost 5:30 when it happened and I had two hungry kids on my hands so The we went out for Mexican food. Life throws you lemons sometimes, it's all about how you deal with it... We enjoyed our Mexican :).

This week I focused less on organic food and just on whole nutrient dense food. Your money goes a lot further with conventional farming in most cases (although I prefer organic). I still bought my meat from the butcher, as I found it wasn't that much more if any more expensive than what I found a thing the grocery store.

I used the flipp app this week and did some price matching. This app is great, you put in your location and it pull some up the local flyers. You can either flip through the flyers and tag the items you're interested in and it shows up in your shopping list, or you can do a search and the ads with the product in question will show up. My deal of the week was sweet potato for .68 cents a pound. I bought lots as we go through them, and they are great snacks you can make homemade chips if you feel like a snack or roast them or make them into toast. They are so versatile. I also bought a lot of extra vegetables and hummus for snacking. I also bought leeks to make sweet potato and leek soup as it is my daughters favourite and she'll eat it late afternoon when she feels hungry.

This week I also made my menu plan ahead of time. When we menu plan at The Wellness Equation we not only provide you with delicious meals, but give you a grocery shopping list too. I enter shopping with the list, and I wasn't right on budget I spent 99.00 at the grocery store and another 40 ish a to the butcher for the week.

Here is a copy of my week of menu planning for the week.

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