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Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

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As you already know I love to make recipes that contain no refined sugar. There is too much refined sugar in our day to day lives, and although it tastes wonderful it is not good for you. It causes a lot of inflammation in the body, and suppresses the immune system.

Traditional jam from the grocery store contains the following ingredients. This one is titled "pure strawberry jam." Ingredients are: Strawberries, sugar, glucose, glucose-fructose, pectin and citric acid.

So after strawberries it lists 3 different types of processed sugars. Sometimes this is a trick companies do. It is required by law to put the ingredients in order of the quantities that are in the product. By dividing the processed sugar into three different types, each individual quantity is less than "strawberries" as an ingredient but I am confident in saying that the three refined sugars combined equal more than the amount of strawberries in it.