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Metabolic Balance - Resetting your Metabolism

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Do you struggle to lose weight?

Do you feel like you barely eat anything and still gain weight? or can't lose it?

Have you tried every diet program out there and failed? or rebounded?

If you answered yes to any of these questions keep reading.

I recently completed the Metabolic Balance course, and am a Certified Metabolic Balance coach helping people to re-set their metabolisms, lose weight, balance their hormones and reduce inflammation in their bodies.

One of the number one reasons people come to see a nutritionist is to lose weight. They've tried many other programs, and they might have worked for a short time, then they gained back all the weight that they lost and even more in some cases. This is where Metabolic Balance is different. It is a program based on real whole food, and based on your specific body chemistry.

Metabolic Balance is a program specially designed for you to lose weight. It is based on real food and not pills or starvation. These real foods are used to restore the natural, self-regulation of the body's systems, helping with weight loss and improving overall health. And I have to tell you I do try everything before I teach it to my clients, and it works! I've been following this plan for about 6 weeks now, and I am down 20 pounds. (Unfortunately I was one of those that gained about 40 extra pounds during all these lockdowns. I love baking - and I work from home! Time to re-set that metabolism :))

What does metabolism mean? In simple terms, it's the foundation of life!

Metabolism is the foundation for all vital body processes. Every second, our organism undergoes biochemical processes of build-up, degradation and transformation by “metabolizing” nutrients supplied to our cells. Only in this way can all your vital bodily functions take place.

Elementary processes that are dependent on a functioning metabolism:

  • all growth processes

  • oxygen supply to all organs

  • detoxification processes performed by the liver

  • carbon metabolism, protein metabolism, fat metabolism and mineral metabolism

  • all repair processes

What influence does your metabolism have on your overall wellbeing?

A balanced metabolism is a strong foundation for health and vitality. Metabolic disorders lead to overweight and illnesses such as diabetes. A change in diet, however, brings your metabolism back to its original healthy starting position: This has a regulating effect on your weight and a positive influence on metabolic diseases.

A metabolism in balance will

  • improve and maintain your health

  • improve your sleep and increase vitality and performance

  • increase your resilience in private and professional life

  • balance your acidity-alkaline ratio

  • achieve and maintain your desired weight

  • give you new energy and a vital charisma

  • increase your overall quality of life

The program has 8 rules, and 4 1/2 stages. It is custom program based on your individual health markers. At the beginning of the program you will do a blood draw to test 36 different blood markers to build a customized plan with optimal food choices for you.

Your blood tells a story about your body

Approx. 5 to 6 liters of blood circulate constantly in the widely-branched network of your blood vessels – to every corner of your body and every organ. Different illnesses can change the amount of cells and substances in the blood – so your blood provides information about the functioning of your organs and organ systems and whether you have inflammations or risks for a disease. For doctors, blood analysis is an indispensable method of ascertaining the condition of your health.

Your blood values can also be used to analyze which nutrients are not present in sufficient quantities or of which the Metabolic Balance participant has enough. Metabolic Balance requires 36 blood values for your individual nutrition plan.

The results of the blood analysis are then evaluated together with your personal details (e.g. any previous illnesses, dietary preferences such as vegetarian, etc.) and the ingredients of the food you consume. All this information forms the basis of your individual Metabolic Balance metabolism plan.

Each plan comes with:

  1. Comprehensive medical blood lab testing

  2. 6 Nutrition Counselling Appointments (If extra support is needed you can purchase appointments separately. (Intake Apt approximately 60 mins, 2 nd appointment 60 minutes 15 mins, and 4 additional 30 minute appointments).

  3. Individualized Metabolic Balance ® food plan created by the medical professionals in Germany.

  4. E-mail/text support throughout the plan.

  5. A list of specific foods that work well for your body.

  6. Access to the Metabolic Balance APP - 8 Guidelines to follow

  7. Body measuring tape

  8. 2 Detox Baths

For more information about Metabolic balance e-mail me at or book your initial consultation now at

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