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How slow is your digestion?

Digestion is so important! And so is poop! Poop can tell you a lot about your digestion and how it is working.

A lot of people think that their digestion is working optimally, "I go to the bathroom at least once a day, I am not constipated." But did you know even though some people’s bowels seem “regular” they are not moving their bowels at the proper rate. You could be going to the bathroom once or twice a day but that could be poop from last week? How gross is that....

That means you're constipated and something else is going on; lack of fiber, poor MMC function, food sensitivities, inflammation etc... and could lead to other issues.

The goal is to move your bowels within 12-24 hours of eating the food. Most people today have reduced transit times, and not enough fiber in their diets.

Some effects of slow transit times and constipation:

- Toxins that should be leaving your body are re-absorbing into your body.

- Inflammation

- Stress on your body

- Hormones recirculate

- Bl