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How fast do you poo? Lets find out!

On our facebook community we are talking about poop. The Wellness Equation Community is our community page if you want to jump into the conversation!

This is a group where we talk about gut health, post your healthy meals and healthy recipes and anything else health related. It is our safe space to create a healthy supportive community! What other community can you talk about poop? Need I say more?

So our digestive health, and our poop say a lot about us...

So even though some people’s bowels seem “regular” they are not moving their bowels at the proper rate.

The goal is to move your bowels within 12-24 hours of eating the food. Most people today have reduced transit times, and not enough fiber in their diets.

Effects of slow transit times and constipation:

- Toxins that should be leaving your body are re-absorbing into your body.

- Hormones recirculate

- Bloating, gas, discomfort

- Hemorrhoids

One way to test your transit times is the non-invasive BEET TEST! It is simple and easy (unless you don't like beets then might not be as pleasant!).

To do the beet test to see how fast your bowels are moving.

Consume half a raw beet (it has to be raw, as the jarred beets or boiled beets, or over processed beets don’t have the rich red pigment that will stand out like raw beets will) or more, and write down the time you consumed the beet.

Every time you go to the bathroom for a bowel movement, glance in the toilet each time until you see a red hue in your waste. Write the time down that you first see it and then the time you stop seeing it in your bowel movements.

This time is your transit time.

The ideal time should be within 12-24 hours. Over 24 hours, and you have got a slow transit time. If you are seeing the beets prior to the 12-hour mark, you are not absorbing all the nutrients from your food.

How fast was your transit time?

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