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DIY Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is currently flying off the shelves everywhere due to Covid-19. That is if you can actually find it. I love that local places are coming together to make hand sanitizer (a product which they never generally make) just to help with the shortage.

Traditional hand sanitizers have a concoction of unwanted ingredients in it.

Here are the ingredients of a traditional hand sanitizer on the market.

How many ingredients can you understand?

How many ingredients can you pronounce?

Would you rather put a product that contains these ingredients on your body? Or....

Ethyl Alcohol - A grain alcohol - highly flammable, the concern is that although relatively non-toxic Ethanol has been found to act as a penetration enhancer for many chemicals.

Water - Absolutely love this ingredient :) Safe

Isopropyl Alcohol - Same is ethyl alcohol, flammable and could ingest penetration. So when used in a non-toxic formula it should be safe.

Diisopropyl Sebacate - It absorbs rapidly, and helps make the product spreadable. Limited information on the safety, seems fairly safe from what I can see.

Glycerin - A natural compound derived from plants. This is a safe ingredient, although sometimes can cause irritation.

Isopropyl Myristate - Strong evidence that it is a human irritant.

Propylene Glycol - Synthetic liquid for absorbing water. According to this article it doesn't breakdown to harmful crystals but can be an irritant.

Glycol Alpha-Tocopherol Acetate - irritant

Aminomethyl propanol- A known irritant, harmful to aquatic life.

Carboxypolymethylene - Used for its gel like properties.

Fragrance - is a neurotoxin, it can also be up to 3000 different chemicals in that one word. They do not legally have to tell you what is in this as it is a "proprietary blend" or "trade secret".

Would you rather make a hand sanitizer with three simple ingredients in it?

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Recipe By Lauri Brown at Chic and Unique Soaps

Makes Approximately 130 ml.


1/2 Cup 100% Aloe Juice

1/4 Cup 91 % Isopropyl Alcohol (minimum 70 %, 91% or more is recommended)

1 Tbsp. Witch Hazel (This helps with Skin Conditioning)


In a small bowl mix the above ingredients. Pour into a spray bottle.

Please note that this hand sanitizer is completely liquid and works best in a spray bottle. I always prefer glass bottles like this one.

You can always add a few drops of essential oils to the hand sanitizer, but it might compromise the effectiveness of the finished product so be careful.

Lauri Brown is a busy mom of 2. She wanted to make healthier products for her family, and reduce the amount of toxins in her home. When her daughter turned one, she developed a bad skin rash with little to no improvement with prescribed creams, and commercial unscented/dye free products. After some research, and persistence Lauri learned how to make her own laundry soap and skin care products; which eliminated her daughters rash. Lauri has been making cold-pressed soaps for the past 8 years; and just over a year ago left her full time career as an optician to pursue her passion of making healthier, non-toxic skin care products. Her company is and is located in Alliston, ON (but she can ship if you're not local).

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