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Almond Milk

Ever go to the store and look at the ingredients in the Almond Milk? Guar Gum, Flavouring, Cellulose? Added Sugar?

I know there is a lot of things that I see at the store that are so simple to make with real ingredients. This is one of those things you can easily make with only two ingredients.

I love simple, whole foods. So when they aren't available, or cost too much make your own.

Almond Milk is so easy to make, just takes a little planning in advance. Soak the almonds overnight, and then in the morning you can make a fresh batch of almond milk for your breakfast.

Almond Milk

Makes 4 Cups


1 Cup Raw Almonds

4 Cups Water (Less for thicker milk, More for thinner milk) - plus more for soaking.

You can also blend it with 1-2 dates to add sweetness, or add a little vanilla for flavouring.


Soak the Almonds for approximately 8 hours. Drain the water.

In a high speed blender (I use this one). Combine the Almonds and the 4 cups of fresh water (do not use the water you soaked the Almonds in).

Blend until combined.

Over top of a bowl pour the nut milk in a nut bag to filter out the pulp. Squeeze the bag to drain out all the liquid. Set the pulp aside.

Pour the milk in a mason jar or another glass jar and store in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Smell it prior to use as there is no preservatives in this almond milk it won't last as long as the grocery store type.

Use the almond pulp in other recipes such as muffins, or cookies, or just eat it (might just be a kid thing).


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Check out our Almond Milk How To Video here.

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