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15 - Minute Discovery Call

No Charge

Not sure where to start in your nutritional journey click here and schedule your complimentary 15 minute discovery call to see what your options are.


Initial Consultation and 1st Follow Up

$ 419.00 plus HST

Includes a 2-week menu plan

Detailed Intake Forms, plus 1-week Food Journal - Full one-hour assessment of your personal health history, goals, expectations of nutritional consulting, challenges you might face, current dietary status, lifestyle, and a brief overview of your family medical history.

Your 30-minute Follow Up appointment includes: - Individualized protocol(s), including lifestyle, diet, and supplement recommendations

- Package suggestions for additional testing, additional support or menu plans etc.

PLUS Email/text support for three weeks following the first appointment (Mon-Fri).

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Bookings for Paid Packages

Book here once you are ready for your follow up

Once you've paid for your package, and are ready for a follow-up appointment please look those here.

Remember all packages expire 1 year from date of purchase. Metabolic Balance includes 6 months of coaching.


Metabolic Balance

$ 1400.00 plus HST

Metabolic Balance is an innovative all-natural nutrition program that balances hormones and optimizes health: the result is successful long-term weight management.

This plan acts as a “road-map” that gives you the exact natural foods needed to orchestrate biochemical changes for individualized weight and health goals such as cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.

Each plan is custom to you based on your history and 36 different blood markers, 8 fundamental rules, and your unique health history. What's Included?


Comprehensive medical blood lab testing. Individualized Metabolic Balance ® food plan, and specific foods that work for your body.

Seven Appointments:

1. Zoom, Evaluate Health Goals/Intake Form

2. Review Phases 1 & 2

3. Zoom, Evaluate Results, go Over Phase 3

4. Broken down into 12 weeks of accountability check ins.

5. Zoom, Evaluate Results

6. Evaluate, Review Phase 4 / Maintenance

7. Broken down into 12 weeks of accountability check ins.

E-mail/text support throughout the plan (Mon-Fri - within 24 hours) Access to the Metabolic Balance APP Weekly information emails, and weekly accountability check ins.

Body Measuring Tape, 2 detox baths, and body composition scale.


The program is 6 months in length. The 6 months needs to be completed within a year from date of purchase.

Any appointments left after a year will be void/expired.

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Healthy Food
Healthy Food

Menu Planning

1, 2, and 4 week options available

Don't know what to make for dinner? Have some food sensitivities and don't know what to eat.

Let us do the work, and plan some healthy meals for you to meet your needs.

Please note we will not do a keto meal plan or a calorie deficit menu plan as they do not have your best health goals in mind.

Appointment is $84.00 plus HST

plus the duration of menu plan. 


Naturopath Referral Diet Information

$ 130.00 plus HST

Have you been to a Naturopathic Doctor recently and they recommended you to follow a specific eating plan and you need a bit more support. Meet with RCNP Johanne to go through the in's and outs of the diet that will help lead you to success.

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Hair Mineral Analysis Plus Assessment

$470.00 plus HST

Have you ever wondered if you have ever gotten exposed to heavy metals? or if your minerals are in check?

Hair is an accumulative test as it gives you an idea of your mineral status for the past 3 months.

Did you know that there needs to be certain ratios of minerals in your body to work optimally. So that is why its hard to just supplement with individual vitamins and minerals (especially for a long time).

When you take certain vitamins and minerals and do not understand the relationship between them you could be pushing vital nutrients out of your body. For instance if you take too much zinc it will push copper out of your body.... Copper helps maintain a healthy metabolism, promotes strong and healthy bones and ensures your nervous system works properly.

Different ratios can also be used as a tool to get an ideal of how your thyroid is working, your stress levels, can cause anxiety etc... Want to learn how your minerals are affecting your health? Check out our hair mineral analysis package.

What's Included?

Initial Assessment to find out your health history, goals, and family history.

1 Hair Mineral Analysis Test (Pick up in Alliston or can be mailed)

Interpretation and Supplement recommendations.

1 Follow up appointment where we discuss your results, supplement recommendation and where we go from here.


Individual Follow-Up Appointments

$ 84.00 plus HST

Already completed a package and need a few more appointments? Book those here!

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